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To provide an open, international platform for those with expert/industry specific knowledge to come together to develop a common platform for the exchange of BIM (Building Information Modelling) data and information relating to the design of foodservice kitchens.

Participation as a contributor is welcomed from those engaged directly or indirectly with foodservice kitchen design, consultants, foodservice equipment manufacturers, content providers and others with the appropriate knowledge and expertise relevant to the group. This includes representative organisations such as trade associations or societies.

It will be a decision-making executive group and all activities will be recorded and made publicly available.

The group is open to contributors who have specific knowledge and expertise and who are willing to share this to assist with the group’s objectives. There is no cost for membership or participation in the activity of the group. Any cost incurred by individuals is at their own choice.

The group will be co-chaired by the representative of EFCEM ( and FCSI EMEA

Contact us to join the group.



The co-ordination of all meetings will be undertaken by the EFCEM WG 1 (Public Procurement and BIM) Convenor at no cost unless other wise agreed.

Annually there will be a plenary session to receive the reports of the working groups and to agree that activity for the forthcoming year. All registered to the group will be entitled to attend the meeting.


Decision making will be by consensus at all levels of working.  Meeting decisions and actions will be recorded, circulated and publicly available.

Contributors may put themselves forward to contribute to relevant working groups where they are able to demonstrate that they have specific knowledge or experience to positively contribute to the discussion and decision-making process.

There will be alignment of the agreements, processes and decisions previously agreed and implemented as a result of previous meetings.


Contributors can be a member of more than one working group which will include, but not be limited to:


WG1 - IFSE Parameters Group

Role: To develop an internationally recognised parameter set and to consider and decide on the comment forms submitted to the WG.


WG2 - Design (inc. Levels of Detail (LoD))

Role: To consider options and develop an industry position.


WG3 – Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP).

Role: To consider the options and the relationship to the ‘speciality equipment’ categorisation

Working Groups

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